Hi, this is Kelly Fidel, with NoGlassCeiling.com and I wanted to share that I believe everyone should have a thought leader or a mentor or someone that can help them just see their blind spots or see their business from a different perspective and help them kinda take it to the next level.


So, I had the opportunity to spend some time with Alison. It was absolutely amazing. There was a point in my business and in my life where I know I was really, really close on taking my business and launching a component of my business into the next level and there was also this little, teeny, tiny spot that I was stuck. And the thing that is really crazy is that those little, teeny, tiny spots that build up over time, they can create a huge gap in your business.


So, fortunately, I have Alison as a thought leader and someone that really was able to ask me some very, very specific questions about my business, how it weaves into my life. All of the women (and cool men) that I’ll be affecting with my business and what was really, really, I’m gonna say ‘cool, is that she was able to kind of unlock these gaps that I had so that I could see them and those little tiny differences , when I started to put them together, they made a huge, huge difference in my business.


So, by drilling down and really unlocking my own affluence code, it was amazing to me how I could really start to see how turning the dial just a tiny bit would make this really big difference in my business. So, I’m super grateful for Alison. I think she is extraordinary at what she does. I am very blessed to have her as a thought leader and a thought partner and I don’t know what you’re waiting for but go for it and unlock your affluence code today.


Kelly Fidel – America’s Premier Sales Expert, Speaker, Profit Mentor



Alison Pena has the ability to make you thousands of dollars richer in less than 15 minutes!

 I have had the privilege of having multiple conversations with her that have moved me forward in my business in big ways. She helped me increase my rates and I signed a new client to a 4.5 month program for $12,500!  She has shifted my wealth consciousness so much that having conversations about money is so easy for me and I am creating my life by MY desires only.

Her work is so subtle and yet so effective! If you want to increase your wealth consciousness and double or triple your income, working with Alison Pena is a must!”

Alexis Logan


Alison helped me expand expand expand! To not only take in and savor and relish the affluence and richness in my life already. But also to invite in MORE! Into my cells, into my daily mindset, and to the grander scale of dreams, desires and wants across all sectors of my life—career, relationship/dating, travel, hobbies and the pursuit of new passions. The act of committing to work with her blew my mind and helped pushed me over an edge I’d been nearing for some time.

I so appreciated the sense that you really tuned into my goals, objectives and needs and custom tailored a program for me from call to call. I loved the thoroughness of the homework assignments, the tool of the recordings to keep listening and integrating your re-frames, coaching and challenges to me. The direct and straight shooting but warm and caring manner when you worked with me. Thank you!

Rae R.

“I’m very lucky to be one of Alison Pena’s clients.  Alison has a very unique and powerful way of bridging the wisdom of the Law of Attraction with practical result-driven actions.  From this perspective, she is able to coach me not only to change my vibration towards my business but to take fresh actions to capitalize on this vibrational shift.  We’ve only been coaching a few weeks and I’m already seeing results.   With the foundation Alison is helping me lay, I am confident these results will rapidly accumulate.”

Jason Freeman – Heroic Yes! Productions


“I had the opportunity to do a business strategy session with Alison Pena, and it was incredibly beneficial.  Alison was able to ask the right questions and zero in on a block I was having to marketing to a particular group – a group where the deals are big and the stakes are high.Through a very innovative exercise, Alison helped me get to the root of the block and since our session, the block has been gone. It was a powerful mindset shift that happened in only one session. 

Alison also helped me hone in on the type of client I would be best aligned with.  She helped me see possibilities in a given target group that I never realized existed before.  Alison has a very sharp, strategic mind, yet what makes her unusual is her ability to integrate her keen business strategy with her personal development work, which helps you get to the root of the issue so you can truly make a seismic shift.  It was a gift to work with Alison, and I highly recommend her.  But be forewarned, you might leave the session with some major mindset shifts!”

Michelle Lange – M. Lange Media


It is very clear that Alison understands affluence in all its forms. Her insight is fast and profound, often seizing on a key issue that has been invisible to you for most of your life. Just by shining a light on it, it allows you to make different choices in your life.

I’ve found Alison to be very professional, personable and engaging. I really look forward to our sessions to see what will emerge and I always leave with new insights and positive steps, which I can implement straight away.

If you want to step out of lack into affluence, I can think of no one better to help you do it.”

Lisa Carvill