Discover zone of genius strategies which work for individuals

and organizations to get better results more quickly and easily

Unlocking the zone of genius strategies I call the Affluence Code® can help any individual who:


  • Never ‘fit in’ easily, no matter how hard they tried

  • Has been told more than once that getting projects done ‘their way’ is the ‘wrong way’

  • Struggles to succeed because they are trying to play by someone else’s rules

Are you ready to change the rules yet?


For organizations, understanding how the Affluence Code® works can optimize the efficiency of the  business environment from top to bottom with:


  • Better teamwork, placing people in the right positions to do their best work

  • Better communication, speaking to what each person cares about most in their language so they are invested in the project

  • Better and faster results, because, by doing what each is best at, they are naturally more effective and appreciated


See the Work With Me page to find out more about RECONNECT, an upcoming group program about moving forward from grieving a loss, which can profoundly disrupt the lives of individuals, as well as the productivity and revenue of organizations.